Technical consulting

FORS provides technical consulting services at all stages of project development and works closely with its clients to develop optimal IT strategies for their operations.

  • Monitoring Oracle Databases to control required equipment and operational system resources, identifying bottlenecks which limit system productivity;
  • Collecting statistical data on the workload of Oracle Databases, evaluating data growth rates and recommendations if problems arise due to the increasing load of the system;
  • Analyzing the consequences of hardware and software failure. Examining propriety and consistency of database structure and dictionaries. Detection of damaged database blocks and recommendations for effective rectification;
  • Analyzing fault tolerance for Oracle Databases. Recommendations for increasing fault tolerance and reaching the desired timing characteristics for Oracle Database recovery;
  • Analysis, modeling and optimization of maintenance and administration of Oracle Databases;
  • Recommendations on increasing existing or projected database efficiency, as well as enhancing related systems.


  • Optimization of the IT-infrastructure strategy, including software, hardware and telecommunications, planning and verification of the future investments;
  • Advices on modernization and development of the existing IT-tools and systems;
  • Inspection and technical audit of the IT-infrastructure components, producing of recommendations on their improvement;
  • Re-engineering and modeling of business processes, optimization of business model;
  • Preparation of the plans and programs for the systems functional growth in a long- and short-run;
  • Analysis of the software products available on the market and help with making the right choice;
  • Development of the integrated solutions meeting the customer’s needs.