Migration of main information systems to Intel x86/Linux platform


Mobile TeleSystems OJSC (MTS)



The joint MTS-FORS team was focused on the following tasks:

  • Rules of procedure — the automatic issue of the departments corporate regulations
  • Processes Map — automatic upgrade of the MTS structure model and process maps
  • Integration — the integration of the created models within the Portal
  • Enterprise Optimization — based on the relevant information on the company structure, processes and responsibilities.


To achieve the targeted goals, the team developed the basic functionality of the Casewise product portfolio, and transformed it into a customized, ready-to-use solution designed for the specific tasks amongst which were:

  • A Reports Generator for the automatic generation of the rules of procedure straight from the processes map
  • A Logger for recording the users’ actions with Casewise tools
  • V-Modeler for bringing changes, and transfering the models from Casewise to Visio and vice versa.

Amongst the items created were:

  • More than 300 processes regulations, including 34 applied directly to the IT systems (Access Management Systems, Processing of the Demands for IT Systems Changes etc.)
  • Around 30,000 different visual objects
  • Specially designed templates which help to accelerate tasks.

29.09.2010: Largest BPA/BPM Project in Europe Completed by Mobile TeleSystems OJSC (MTS) using Casewise Solutions

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