System of Control and Planning of Road Infrastructure Works


Government of the Moscow region




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Goals of the project:

The system has been designed to ensure the transparency of budget expenditures when planning the costs of road maintenance and repair, to increase the operational control over the fulfillment of budget and contractual obligations, as well as the level of information and analytical support in making road facilities management decisions.


The system allows automated control over maintenance and current repair of roads. The main part of the system is remote control of the works performed by contractors, which are paid in strict accordance with their results, and the work is completed just in time. This financial discipline ensures careful spending of funds, because the system takes into account every budget ruble.

Other functional units cover budget planning, road management, inspection, reporting and administration.

Today the entire Moscow region is covered by the system, namely 9 regional branches and 67 municipal entities of Mosavtodor (entity in charge of repair and maintenance of Moscow region roads). Budget savings thanks to the payment of the volume of works actually confirmed makes about 20% per month compared to the amounts paid earlier. Another important result was significant saving of working time due to remote quality control of contractors' works, which are now paid strictly basing on supporting documents and photo/video materials.

The system has been integrated with the Moscow Region Roads mobile app, the Dobrodel portal and other information systems of the region.

Customer reference

«The launch of the system allowed to solve the most acute problems of the industry, which prevented the maintenance of roads in the normative state. Most importantly, day-to-day monitoring of roads repair works and terms of production of works was provided. The problem of accounting of data on roads and objects of road infrastructure has also been solved, now all information has been digitized, an electronic journal with obligatory confirmation of performance of each stage of works is being kept. To do this, there is a mobile application that allows real-time determination of the contractor's location to confirm that they are on the site. The contractor is obliged to upload there photo or video materials demonstrating the quality of the works performed. Violations committed by the contractor are penalized.».

Svetlana Aipova,
Advisor to the Minister of Transport and Road Infrastructure of the Moscow region

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Maintenance and repair of roads in Moscow region is now under control, 28.06.2018

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