Implementation of Specialized Building Projects Management System


Peresvet-Invest Group




Oracle E-Business Suite

Project objective

The main goal of the project was to provide a permanent live monitoring of the key financial figures of the building projects and, apart from that, control of the correspondence of the fact to plan estimates, and especially — quality of the building works performed by the contractors.

Project description

System automatizes work places of the project manager, economist, lawyer, engineer, specialists on workflow, contracts accounting and engineering supervision. Calculated by the system rates are delivered to the top and middle management, including project managers and direction, empowering their decision-making. If before they have been dealing with electronic tables MS Exсel or paper documents, now the process of monitoring and control of building works is fully automatized, standardized and centralized. In the result, the customer benefits dramatic reduction of the risk of the possible mistakes, duplicating and generating of the invalid data, with the timing for documents processing reduced in 2-3 times. Users highly appreciated friendliness and rich functionality of the system interface as well.

Building projects management system can operate as independently, as a part of the existing IT-infrastructure. The customer is free to choose the desired level of integration — with some specific modules only or full integration. Even if there is no automation at all, system could serve as its basic platform.

New system is ready for delivering as a replicated solution for the commercial real estate and building companies, and for the government organizations responsible for monitoring of the building works.


«Due to the automation of the main activities of the company, we’ve got the ability to perform our internal business processes faster and in a more correct way. We really appreciate that now can get all financial data we need rapidly and directly, keeping under control building works and managing our contractors arrangements both up to date and flexible. System, developed by FORS, would serve as a multifunctional automation platform long ahead, and even now fully meet our expectations and worth the investments we made».

Vladimir Tryascin
СIO, Peresvet-Invest Group

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