Industrial Monitoring Portal (OSM Portal)


Russian Federal Agency for Fishery




The OSM portal has been developed with the open software by PostgreSQL and Java technologies, using TOMCAT as the application server.

Goals of the project:

  • to create a single point of access to monitoring services through the "personal account";
  • to ensure the availability of the services and information resources round the clock;
  • to unify the mechanisms for processing applications for the services;
  • to simplify the process of submitting the application and obtaining the results of consideration thereof;
  • to increase efficiency of interdepartmental interaction and to shorten the terms of service delivery.


The project provided automation of the provision of public services: from the formation of applications of users of aquatic bioresources to the consideration thereof, formation of responses and relevant e-documents and hard copies, the legal force of which is provided by electronic signatures.

So far, there are 6 modules in the system that enable receiving services, issuing permits for the extraction of aquatic bioresources, monitoring the location of fishing vessels, managing contracts, preparing reports and collecting data on harvests, as well as management of portal users. But the system will develop.

Customer reference

«The need for such a platform arose long ago. To improve the efficiency of industry management, it is necessary not only to possess actual, complete and reliable information, but also to provide remote centralized access for organizations and citizens to it, as well as to the services provided by the OSM portal. Thanks to the project and professionalism of the FORS team, we got the opportunity to provide e-services and conclude e-contracts, to collect and process operational and statistical reports, and also to control access to the industrial monitoring services.».

A.S. Vilkin, Head of the Center of Fishery and Communications Monitoring

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