The Agreements Docflow Automation system named «Corporate Information Portal»


Moscow Central Park (Gorky Park)



Project description

Portal features the combination of the finance & economic block with the HR & administrative one, which enables co-work with the documents, generation and publication of the news, and message exchange too.

The system consists from two main modules. The first is the internal corporate Portal with sub-systems of electronic docflow, staff interoperability and system management. The second is the contract module, including subsystems of the Agreements management and reports producing. 40 people were trained to work with the system.

Launch of the Corporate Information Portal enabled huge cut of costs on the docflow, the amount of the paper documents was minimized, while duplication was totally avoided. The abilities for the operative analysis and reporting made the system complete.


«We were faced the task of the creation of the corporate Portal, which could provide the sole information environment for the joint work of all our employees dealing with the different kinds of information, coming and existing in a consolidated knowledge data base on Agreements, contractors, documents and their transferring. That was successfully done by FORS specialists. In the result we’ve got not just an IT-system for Agreements management, but also an electronic docflow, analytical instrument for reporting and a platform for internal co-working».

Alexey Lizunov
CIO, Moscow Central Park (Gorky Park)

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