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LUI Toolkit Gets Included in Elbrus OS Distro


MCST and FORS Telecom signed a protocol on including LUI (Live Universal Interface, software for the development of user web interfaces) in the distro of Elbrus OS (CDs, iso images, online repository).

Now the LUI Elbrus Debian package will be delivered as part of a ready-made hardware/software package, starting with the standard version of the Linux-based OS Elbrus 6.2.1. It is also available in the online repository.

The LUI application requires an installed DBMS on a local or remote server. Otherwise, the user will be prompted to install a local PostgreSQL DBMS. Besides it, two other open DBMS are also supported (Postgres Pro and Jatoba).

Technical support services for the LUI-Elbrus software product are provided on contractual terms by the copyright holder, FORS Telecom.

Yuri Zyatkov, CEO at FORS Telecom, notes, "It is the first time that Elbrus users receive a special bonus: free-of-charge access to our LUI toolkit, a multifunctional application designer that allows for collective software development. It is now supplied for free as part of the Elbrus OS. Otherwise, you can purchase our product separately, order testing services, app migration, modification or customization to meet customer requirements. You can also use the demo version, order distros for other operating systems, and much more."

It brings a number of competitive advantages for those who use the Elbrus computing platform, such as reducing development costs by 3 or more times, rapid prototyping and flexible updating of systems, as well as extending app life cycle. All these new features will be highly appreciated by B2B, B2G, G2B, G2C customers, and sometimes even in B2C markets. For built-in LUI tools can help you to quickly create all kinds of accounting, financial and calculation systems for any industry.

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