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FORS to Rank 5th in Supplying for Government Agencies


According to "IDC Russia IT Services Market Shares, 2020: Competitive Profiles and Analysis," FORS Group keeps holding its leading position in supplies to the public administration sector, ranking 5th (Total Supply-Side Revenue in the Government Market in Russia, 2020).

Government agencies have been the company's key customers for many years. By the end of 2020, they accounted for almost half of the revenue, or more than 8 billion rubles.

"The digitalization strategy and the national program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation," which is currently being implemented, have served as an important incentive for most IT companies to develop their business in terms of working with government agencies and public administration entities. Now we have to go beyond separate IT systems. What we need now is advanced integrated solutions and digital services that meet the highest requirements in terms of security, reliability, flexibility and compatibility with heterogeneous IT landscapes both at the federal and regional levels, taking into account the import substitution policy or that of encouraging open source software being used. Therefore, we have not limited ourselves to designing our own specialized high-tech digital solutions. We position them as industry digital platforms with a range of technology consulting services, accompanied by standard or extended technical support package. All of this makes it possible to create a single integrated environment to solve a wide range of tasks: from individual superservices at the federal level to managing the activities of regional services, urban agencies and municipal enterprises. However, we keep developing, and the next logical step in the development of our solutions was to implement big data and machine learning mechanisms and technologies, which we are already actively using in the field of digitalization of healthcare and sports," notes Andrey Burin, Head of the Public Sector Department at FORS Development Center" (FORS Group).

"Government agencies form one of the largest and most significant vertical markets in terms of IT-related budget in Russia. Despite the difficult economic conditions, the Russian government still allocates funding for information technologies, considering them to be the most important tool for the modernization of the economy. Public administration bodies are implementing unified platforms for providing digital services and increasingly use data-processing innovation to handle all kinds of tasks," emphasizes Natalia Vinogradova, Research Program Manager, IDC Russia.

The most significant recent projects include, among many others, the creation of a digital services information system for the agricultural and industrial complex of Russia for the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, and a project for ROSDORNII to implement a system of control over the formation and use of road funds.

Also, the largest customers are the Federal Tax Service of Russia, the Moscow IT Department, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the Treasury of Russia, regional governments of the Moscow, Tula, and Murmansk regions, the Republic of Bashkortostan and other regions of Russia.

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