FORS Group

Hals Yacht Club to Host Celebration of FORS Group’s 30th Anniversary


FORS celebrated its 30th anniversary with a corporate party at Hals Manor, the famous yachting club located on the shore of Pirogovskoye Reservoir. The guests could enjoy an eventful program both on the water and ashore.

The key event of the day was, of course, the Sailing Regatta, with sport yachts under snow-white sails competing against each other. No matter if you were a helmsman, masthead or rudder, teamwork is crucial if you want to be good at sailing (or in any kind of important enterprise, for that matter).

The 3-hour race included 22 boats. The winners were awarded with commemorative medals, cups and a big bottle of champagne for the champion team, which consisted of FORS Training Center employees.

Those who stayed on the shore could enjoy the beauty of the picturesque venue and master the art of nautical knots or create artistic masterpieces using epoxy resin.

And those who like it hot had a chance to learn to dance bachata, a passionate Latin American dance. Please note that it was not the only dancing event that night, there was more dancing to the beat of the Gradusy band.

Spectacular fireworks whose myriads of colored lights reflected beautifully on the water surface of the entire lake were the pinnacle of the celebration. Hooray!!! Long live FORS!

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