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FORS Training Center Launches Bite-size Learning Training Programs


FORS Training Center (FORS Group) was one of the first companies on the market to offer its students an innovative training format known as Bite-Size Learning, which involves full-scale online training on a regular basis that is divided into small parts. For the entire period of training, students are provided with virtual machines with unlimited access.

The new format means that each class lasts for 45-60 minutes and takes place before or after the start of the working day. The duration of the training program is stated in the course schedule. This format has already proved its efficiency and is especially convenient for those who are extremely busy and cannot afford to spend several days in a row in a training program. Now they have access to as much knowledge as they need without compromising their work or other important activities.

"Bite-Size Learning is a new flexible online learning format that has a lot of advantages," says Dmitry Romanov, CEO of FORS Training Center. "First of all, it is much easier to perceive and assimilate knowledge when its amount is not overwhelming. Secondly, it reduces training costs. Thirdly, this format is perfect for Generations Y and Z, who are obsessed with networking via their smartphones. Finally, the new virtual tools provide a higher level of interaction between the teacher and the students, so that the teacher can focus on each of them, making them more engaged and improving the technical level of teaching in general."

Every day, the teacher conducts a theory class that lasts about 40 minutes, giving the students practical tasks and tasks for self-training (which takes about 5 minutes). Students can ask their questions to the teacher by e-mail when they work on their home assignments. Before the start of the next class, the teacher answers the students' questions (which takes up to 15 minutes) and briefly solving practical problems.

Now we can offer two of the most popular programming languages in this format: Java SE Programming and Angular Essential Guide.

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