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FORS Development Center Signed a Partnership Agreement with UIPath


FORS Development Center (FORS Group) announces the conclusion of a partnership agreement with UiPath, a developer of RPA products. The UiPath platform provides an intelligent, multi-functional development environment for all kinds of automating routine processes in any industry. Unlike traditional approaches to software integration via the API (Application Programming Interface) or the integration bus (Middleware), this platform also interacts with other IT systems through their user interface, simulating 100% of the work of end users.

The UiPath robot performs routine operations 10-20 times faster than a human, which allows it to replace five to eight full-time employees. Another major advantage is the minimization of the human factor thanks to the absence of errors and duplication. The risks and costs of process automation are significantly reduced, it becomes painless, and the processes themselves remain just the way they were before, no changes are required to make them work. Therefore, the product is most demanded for the domains where the share of routine operations is quite high, such as finance and accounting, HR document flow, paperwork management, sales, supply chains and logistics, norms and statistics, etc. Note that it takes the vast majority of customers under 6 months to implement RPA.

"Automation of processes by means of robotization is the latest trend. It increases the efficiency of routine business processes and solves specific technological problems. For us, as an integrator, it is important that thanks to the robot, you don't have to re-enter or enter data into the system from external sources in cases of complex migration, even in the cases when there is no paperwork available. The robot will do everything for you. Therefore, we can say that this partnership gave us an excellent opportunity to improve the efficiency of our project-related activities, reducing the time for routine operations and performing integration/data transfer tasks for a number of projects. Now it will be much faster, easier and cheaper. But the main beneficiary is, of course, the customer," explains Ivan Khovavko, Head of the Digitalization Team of FORS Development Center (FORS Group).

"The advantage of RPA is that it doesn't take much time to deploy a virtual assistant, and you can see how profitable it is a few months after implementation," said Svetlana Anisimova, CEO of UiPath in Russia and the CIS. "We are happy that our technologies help companies free valuable human resources from performing monotonous tasks so that they can deal with business development issues, for human employees only have to control the robots at the decision-making stage, where human intelligence is needed, while robots are engaged in processing routine operations."

It is important to add that within the framework of the partnership agreement, it is also planned to supply and implement the UiPath platform to customers who are interested in reducing operating costs and optimizing their activities: both within the framework of their long-term ongoing projects and those that have been launched recently.

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