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FORS and MONQ Digital Lab Announce Their Partnership in IT Infrastructure Management and Support


FORS Development Center (FORS group) has entered into a partnership agreement with SKOLKOVO resident MONQ Digital Lab, developer and supplier of the Russian AIOps platform MONQ for quick and easy detection and elimination of IT failures.

Under the terms of the partnership, FORS is to sell and implement a solution that will improve the quality of IT services for customers and reduce the number of failures thanks to the capabilities of artificial intelligence, which eliminates inefficient "manual" IT workflow management.

According to analysts, automation of IT infrastructure management and support processes can save up to 25% of the IT budget. In average, switching to AIOps increases the availability of digital services by 30 %, almost doubling the speed of IT incident investigation. And more than 20% of incidents can be avoided thanks to early detection of failures, rapid response, and the use of predictive analytics tools. Therefore, the MONQ platform is especially needed where the smooth operation of the IT infrastructure is critical.

"Effective management and support of it infrastructure is coming to the fore now, for it is extremely important for both business and government customers to make sure their digital services and infrastructure are reliable. Including the MONQ AIOps platform in the FORS Product line will allow us to provide our customers with new advanced services for optimizing IT management and supporting IT infrastructure using the capabilities of artificial intelligence and automation tools. All the more valuable is the fact that AIOps solutions can be implemented at various stages of a company's digital development: for businesses that process their data manually and those who have automated their workflow for typical incidents. There are very few solutions like this on the Russian market, which makes MONQ practically one-of-a-kind. We hope that our partnership with a young Russian startup will create new opportunities for both sides and help our customers focus on their business and operational management issues, leaving routine work to the machines," said Andrey Burin, Head of the Public Sector Department at FORS Development Center.

"We highly appreciate our partnership with FORS, a company that was at the origin of the Russian IT community, and whose values we fully share. Being one of the largest service companies in Russia, FORS keeps proving its leadership in the market of technical support and maintenance, creating complex integration solutions for the implementation of any tasks, as unusual as they may seem. We are sure that for such projects, MONQ will become another tool that will help people increase work efficiency of IT departments of companies in various industries. Beside creating the possibility to control possible failures, it allows one to see the big picture of the "state of health" of the IT infrastructure at the corporate level, as well as external services, including the SLAs with external and internal customers. At the same time, it prioritizes the incidents that may arise within the workflow", sums up Pavel Podkolzin, Business Development Director at MONQ Digital Lab.

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