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FORS: 25 years on the Russian IT-market


FORS Group has celebrated recently its 25-th jubilee. A company founded by the young scientists of the Scientific Fundamental Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Science, occupies today leading positions on the Russian IT-market, counts more than 500 employees and runs Partner Network all over the country.

As resulted in the Expert Rating Agency Summary 2015, FORS was listed at TOP-10 software developers. IDC IT Services Marker Report, Russia 2015, features FORS at TOP-5 players by the «Total Supply-Side Revenue on the Software Deploy and Support Foundation Market in Russia, 2015».

Summary revenue exceeded 8,5 bln rubles. By structure it’s amount split up as follows: 45% — IT services, 25% — software development and the rest 30% — distribution of the software and hardware.

During those years, company implemented more than thousand large-scaled projects for government, banks, utilities, telcos and various industries. Among its customers — IT Department of the Moscow City, which assigned FORS for executing dozens of projects on automation of the municipal, housing and utilities infrastructure. Company made a significant contribution into deployment of the Consolidated System of the Interdepartmental Electronic Workflow, developed its own solution for the regional segment of the electronic government, which is successfully maintained at some Russian regions. Among other major customers there are Federal Revenue Service, Fund of the Social Insurance of the Russian Federation, Federal Treasury, Roscosmos.

FORS was one of the pioneers in the field of Big Data technologies research, and developed ForsMedia solution for social networks data penetrating analysis. It provides B2C business an ability to improve quality of communication with the live customers, to engage new customers and to apply enhanced approach for target marketing in banks, retail and telecommunications. For special sport industry needs it was developed another release of this solution — ForsMedia Sport, which enables football clubs to discover more about their players, to identify extreme football fans and cooperate efficiently with their leaders.

Lately company launched a new cloud services package FORS ONLINE, providing access to the full-featured Oracle Hyperion EPM Applications on the monthly fee basis. Due to that, even small companies could afford now best in breed solutions for budgeting, planning and financial reporting consolidation without need to purchase equipment and expensive software licenses, to maintain IT-infrastructure and to hire professional staff.

Automation of healthcare is one of the most important FORS activities on the market. In that field, company has developed various proprietary solutions — medical information system Vyatka for the comprehensive automation of the healthcare facilities, REMSMED for the personal telemonitoring and distant communication of doctors and patients, basic integrated cluster for the network of clinics or other medical providers, budgeting and financial planning system for a private clinic.

For sports industry FORS has developed a special technological platform SmartSport, which provides full set of tools for sports organization effective management. System enables collecting, storing and analyzing of the big pieces of data for monitoring of players activities, their professional development and training, and also coordinating of work of all divisions and business units of the sports club.

For many customers today migration from the proprietary to the open-source software is an important part of the anti-crisis business strategy. That’s why FORS, following import substitution trend, started to invest into open-source software development, providing audit and technological consulting services for evaluating of economic reasonability of switching to the alternative platforms.

At FORS Distribution company there is operating an advanced multifunctional FORS Solution Center for training and support of partners — testing, optimization, modeling and migration of the partners solutions based on Oracle technologies. Several dozens of the most innovative equipment units are represented at demo-zone. Oracle Integrated Cloud services are available for customers via SkyFORS infrastructure platform. Certified specialists of the Center possess expertise on more than 25 Oracle specializations.

FORS Training Center is one of the biggest authorized by Oracle in the Eastern Europe. About 1 thousand IT-professionals had completed training programs of various kind there. This year a new course on PostgreSQL DBMS operating and administrating was offered to the public.

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