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Cost of Budgeting Could be Cut Up to Six Times


FORS today announced a news service offering on automation of budgeting, planning and consolidation of accounting financial reporting without need to purchase the due software licenses which usually are expensive.

The customer pays only monthly subscription fee depending on the amount of users, involved functionality and duration of the subscription on the service. Such a payment would be affordable even for small businesses, who before had not been able to purchase the best in breed licensed software.

Easy calculation reveals that the annual amount of payments would be much less in comparison with the expenses on the full-scale project on implementation of the system of that kind, demanding software & hardware deployment, technical support and high qualified employees fee. This difference would be even more visible for SMB companies with just a few users of the service.

New service provided as SaaS is a ready-to-market cost-effective offer, which could help to cut IT-expenses up to 6 times.

System could be deployed at FORS Cloud infrastructure or at customer’s servers base. Equipment is also available for rent. FORS Cloud features optimized integrated Engineered Systems of extreme performance, which meet the most strict demands on reliability, redundancy and scalability. Experienced specialists on maintaining and support are certified on the full product stack represented on-site.

Customers can get access to the service demo-version on-line in real time for testing it on their own database. This would enable them to choose the desirable functionality volume correctly to fit their current needs and business goals.

At standard case, at first, on the basis of the customer’s budgeting methodology it should be developed an Application, running at FORS Cloud, and afterwards — concluded an Agreement on access to the service and administrating of this Application. Further growth provides various abilities — increasing of the amount of users, realization of the optional functional features or resolution of new business tasks for better management efficiency.

Migration from the traditional budgeting process model to SaaS would be cost-effective anyway — if the company uses industrial IT-solution or not, because most probably, annual maintenance and support costs would exceed the service subscription fee considerably.

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