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FORS Announces BPS Offering Powered by Oracle


New services provide to the companies of any scale of business ability to employ best of breed solution in the most cost-effective way.

FORS Development Center today announced a new Business Process Services (BPS) offering “Powered by Oracle” based on the Oracle Hyperion EPM-platform. The new service provided on a monthly fee basis will help enable customers to manage efficiency of their business processes without purchase of the software licenses, equipment or carrying other IT-expenses on their maintenance. It would significantly cut nonrecurrent expenditures and could make IT costs more predictable and controlled.

FORS Development Center is a Platinum level member of Oracle® PartnerNetwork (OPN).

FORS vast experience and deep knowledge of the Oracle products and technologies ensure the highest level of BPS services provided on the Oracle Hyperion EPM-platform, which is an integrated stack of Applications for a centralized financial and operational planning, budgeting and forecasting that improves sufficiently business predictability.

System could be deployed as a cloud service at the local data center or in-site on customer’s infrastructure. Standard package includes: installing, tuning, administrating and maintenance of the EPM Applications. As optional services, FORS provides audit and optimization of the legacy Applications, their update to actual releases and executing of other business tasks, as the customer has required it.

Organizations today are looking to reduce costs while operating more efficiently, leading many to sign up for non-core and specialized business process services, such as logistics and transportation management, accounts payable and receivables, human resource administration, or learning management. By leveraging Oracle’s extensive network of partners who deliver business process services “Powered by Oracle”, customers gain the combined benefit of Oracle’s leading stack of technology and applications and specific partner expertise in the business processes they choose to subscribe to. With the combined Oracle and partner service, customers can focus more on their business challenges and innovation, instead of day-to-day operations or IT management.

Stepan Tomlyanovich, General Manager of FORS Development Center, remarks: «We have turned a new page, switching from the traditional licensed model of business to SaaS. We have everything ready for that: advanced technological base, licensed software and high-skilled professionals. Due to the FORS services, best in breed EPM-solutions would be available for SMB customers who could not afford it before, delivering for them new benefits and abilities».

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