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Largest BPA/BPM Project in Europe Completed by Mobile TeleSystems OJSC (MTS) using Casewise Solutions


Creating a true, up-to-date model of the company’s architecture, structure, business processes to achieve greater business efficiency

FORS – Development Center, official, sole Casewise Partner in Russia and CIS, and Mobile TeleSystems OJSC (MTS), the leading telecommunications group in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, announced the completion of a Business Process Modeling, Business Process Analysis project designed to improve the organizations Enterprise Architecture.

The Casewise Corporate Modeler Suite was recognized as being the most flexible and reliable modeling toolset, which met perfectly with the needs and requirements of MTS. The project was aimed creating a true, up-to-date model of the company’s architecture, structure, business processes all in the interest of achieving greater business efficiency.

The challenge faced was to describe the existing processes and to compose a model of them representing their ‘as-is’ and ‘to be ‘state with reference to corporate regulatory documents. The task was further complicated given that the existing processes needed to be analyzed and improved and not just visualized. The processes could then be audited and continually enhanced resulting in the transformation of the formal model description into a real IT infrastructure. FORS specialists provided necessary methodological and consulting support for that.

The joint project team achieved highly efficient results creating more than 300 processes regulations, including 34 applied directly to the IT systems functionality (Access Management Systems, Processing of the Demands for IT Systems Changes etc...). In total, approximately 30,000 different visual objects were created including diagrams detailing roles, functions and organizational units within company.

The project, which was launched in June 2005, included the following steps:

  • Adoption and installation of Casewise Corporate Modeler Suite toolset
  • Development and implementation of the business processes description standard and process-based management approach
  • Training of MTS employees to develop and evolve the model
  • Running of a pilot program with Casewise modeling tools
  • Support and assistance in the implementation methodology of Casewise solutions
  • Integration of the composed models with the corporate Portal.

The MTS project was recognized by the vendor as the biggest and the most technologically advanced in Europe.

To achieve the targeted goals, the FORS team enhanced the basic functionality of the Casewise toolset and built a number of customized ready-to-use solutions designed to accelerate many aspects of the project and aid in special tasks. Amongst the solutions created include a Reports Generator, Logger for recording the users’ actions with Casewise tools, and V-Modeler for transferring models from Casewise to Visio and vice versa.

“The main result of the project was that due to the Casewise toolsets capabilities, we built a complete image of our company activities, including business processes, organizational structure patterns and a map of the processes, which became the key informational source for processes management”, comments Ilya Rybakov, Head of Methodology and Business Processes Corporate Development Department of MTS.

Rybakov continues by emphasizing the fact that “this implementation enabled a more accurate assignment of responsibilities among departments and employees, highlighting any duplication of effort whilst providing a clear description of operational functions which ultimately brought about changes to the corporate architecture.”

The Casewise toolset is now accepted as a corporate MTS standard for processes management and enterprise optimization initiatives across all its Russian sites and foreign subsidiaries. Furthermore, МТS, who are listed on the New York Stock Exchange, will use Casewise the sole modeling solution in support of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act auditing requirements.

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