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Fastcom 12 Provides Cloud Billing


FORS-Telecom, a part of FORS Group, has announced a release of the latest, 12-th, updated version of its leading product – comprehensive automatized billing system Fastcom.

This proprietary FORS solution with more then 15-years old history has been developed on the enhanced Oracle platform. It’s functional abilities constantly grow to meet the highest demands of the modern multiservice providers with the number of subscribers up to 10 mln.

Fastcom 12 provides the following telco services:

  • Telephony – fixed, VoIP, SIP
  • Mobile, MVNO
  • Internet – broad-band, WiFi / WiMax, ISG /SSG, Netflow, IPoE, PPPoE, PPTP, IPv6
  • Telematics – email, ftp, news, hosting
  • TV – cabel, DVB-x, IPTV, VoD, PvR, TS, PpV
  • Media content
  • Satellite communications

Unlike the previous versions, Fastcom 12 is available via the corporate cloud with the full realization of all abilities, including administrating, tuning, downloading and processing of the data.

«Fastcom12 is more than ever suitable for the corporate clients services, – says Yury Zyatkov, FORS Telecom General Manager. – Along with that, all the rest abilities, providing private subscribers services were kept, though sales & marketing, rates management, new products and services production modules have been sufficiently enhanced».

Finance & Reporting module has been also deeply transformed providing optimization of the Sales & Purchase Book, high adaptivity and flexibility for the changing state tax regulations.

Operating on both Oracle Database 12 Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition, Fastcom 12 technologically follows the previous versions, so that customers can avoid extra expenses on data migration and training. Those who had concluded Technical Support Agreement with FORS will get the updated version free of charge. For that, the updated software should be downloaded and installed above the existing Fastcom system version.

A big set of the documented software interfaces enables easy integration with the external information systems.

Implementation of Fastcom 12 will provide comprehensive automation of the telco’s activities and deliver the following advanced features in a short period of time: single billing system for all services and single data base for all local branches and departments, high performance, robustness and scalability of the system, more efficient in-house communications, transparency of the financial results, higher loyalty of subscribers and, therefore, visible advantages at the strongly competitive market.

Fastcom 12 could also be applied for the power engineering, housing and utilities or other operative billing with the ability of self-service via personal virtual rooms.

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