FORS Group

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About FORS

Established in 1991, FORS is one of the largest IT developers and integrators in Russia, providing advanced infrastructure solutions, technical support and maintenance services, IT-consulting and training.

Company's Mission

Creation of the high quality services and IT-solutions. Training, breeding and raising of the national IT-elite

The portfolio of the company includes wide range of IT-services, solutions and its own tools for deploying and modernization of the enterprise IT-systems. FORS has a wide practice in migration of customers IT-systems from proprietary to open-source software platforms.


Over 2000 successful

FORS has implemented over 2000 successfully delivered IT-projects, developed a number of unique IT-systems for largest government and commercial entities.

FORS operates:

Certified Technical Support Center Authorized Training Center (350+ courses)

More than 400

FORS employs world-class programmers, system analytics and computer scientists, many of whom have academic degrees and publications in the field of mathematics, computer science and other disciplines. The number of FORS employees is more than 400 people.

The company holds leading positions in the ratings and research of the Russian IT market:

1st in the Software Deployment
and Support segment →

Rank 5th in Supplying
for Government Agencies →

  • 1st place: Software installation and support (IDC, 2021)
  • 5th place: Volume of deliveries to the public administration sector (IDC, 2021)
  • 8th place: Custom software development (IDC, 2021)
  • 8th place: The most efficient Companies (News, 2021)
  • 8th place: The largest retail IT providers (CNews, 2021)
  • 9th place: The largest IT Service providers (TAdviser, 2022)
Global Strategy

To add value

To target market segments by filling customers’ and partners’ need for reliable information technology based on complete solutions, including hardware, software and all related services.

To search for new ways

To achieve the best result, to introduce advanced technologies and to use them in solving customers’ and partners’ problems.

To expand

Both in the Russian market and to find new business opportunities abroad.

To assist partners

In developing sales expertise and to implement projects.