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Over 2000 successfully
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FORS has many years of experience in the field of project development and implementation and over 1000 successfully delivered projects.

The company offers a wide range of solutions for financial planning, monitoring, analysis, statistics, content management, tax administration and e-commerce for companies’ activities in a variety of industries:

Project Description
St. Petersburg Water Treatment Plant The Hot Line information system based on Oracle E-Business suit CRM sub-system has enabled to automate processing of citizens’ calls, control response actions on citizens’ requests and coordinate the activities of the line divisions and emergency crews of St. Petersburg Water Treatment Plant. The Hot Line information system was put into operation in 2006.
Non-commercial Partnership "Administrator of the Electric Power Trading System"

The non-profit partnership runs the data warehousing system that enables to collect, process and analyze wholesale power market trading information. The system has been constantly evolving. In the context of transition to the new market model in 2006 – 2007 the 2nd component of the data warehouse is being designed and will be put into operation. In addition, in 2007 selected analytical reporting tasks will be supported by Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

A non-profit partnership, the Administrator of the Electric Power Trading System (NP ATS) commissioned FORS to design a joint Data Repository with broad options for financial reporting and a Corporate Distance Training System, based on Oracle iLearning technology. The system provides distance learning capabilities to market participants. Both projects were completed in 2004 – 2006, though parts of the system are still under development.

Agency for Power Balance Forecasting In 2007 FORS launched a Business Intelligence and data warehousing project. The purpose of the information system development was to improve performance of the Agency for Power Balance Forecasting by creating the integrated information resource that would enable to consolidate, store and represent information for users for operational and analytical reporting tasks as well as for the short-term and long-term forecasting purposes.