FORS provides the following solutions for sports management:


Automated Sports Management system implemented on the Oracle technology platform.

SmartSport is an information system for owners, team managers, administrators, coaches, medical staff, scouts and other sports professionals helping them select, monitor and train athletes. It enables to collect a variety of specialized data on player performance, sort and analyze relevant information and provides a range of other services for efficient player and team management.

The system can be used by any sport club, team or organization, regardless of sport, country or language. It can be easily customized to meet specific requirements and deployed quickly.

SmartSport improves management of your sports organization

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Sports psychology system Crystal was developed for use by team psychologists, coaches, scouts and other sports professionals working with football players. Crystal helps individual players and teams raise the level of their game by using information technology to organize psychological training.

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SmartSport CrystalSports Psychology System