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Healthcare and healthy life style solutions formed the focus of the FORS’ activities during the last several years. Developing its own expertise in a tight liaison with the medical specialists, doctors and scientists, FORS had rapidly moved forward from the local implementations of the medical systems with standard functionality to the realization of the comprehensive approach of the digital healthcare environment, including telemedicine, integration solutions and healthy life style innovative platforms.

Digital healthcare

REMSMED Personal Telemonitoring System

It is a personal telemonitoring system that provides the opportunity for patients health monitoring at a distance with the permanent interaction between patients and doctors. Major components of this system are:

  • "Patients & doctors portal" — software tool where patients download their data so that doctors are able to review them and proscribe their recommendations. Patients and their assistants get access to this software through Internet. It is available for the different devices too — such as notebooks, tablets, smart phones.
  • Set of devices for registrations of patients parameters at home and transmitting data to the patients portal software that is available via Internet. Currently REMSMED focuses on set of devices for registering parameters needed for cardiovascular deceases. Future developments may include for example patients with diabetes, hypertension, pulmonary conditions or others. REMSMED does not develop it's own measurement devices. REMSMED works with manufactures of such devices and uses medical devices currently available on the market.
  • Videoconferencing possibilities built into Patients&Doctors portal — a tool for teleconsultations with the doctor. The system utilizes generally available videocodec and videoconferencing equipment with sufficient quality and affordable price.

DACADOO platform

Available as a mobile application as well, it provides a tool for the active and healthy life style of their subscribers. “Quantified Self” is it’s basic principle. After downloading the information on daily activities, nutrition, sleeping, etc., the product counts the personal health score from 1 to 1000 motivating a person on improving it. Integrated with the social media and being available on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, this product enables responsible care of yourself in a truly fun way. FORS is an exclusive distributor of DACADOO in Russia and CIS.

Big Data and prognostic analytics

It is a new tool in advanced medical service and healthcare. FORS has just started its pilot products and continues to work under the idea of the practical appliance of Big Data technologies in medicine.

Traditional healthcare

Vyatka Information System

Medical information system Vyatka was developed by FORS as a proprietary complete solution for automation of the hospitals, health retreat resorts and specialized early treatment clinics. It enables producing and maintenance of the patient’s electronic charts, intellectual doctor’s support, management of the diagnostic and treatment processes at all stages, regular analysis of the expenses and results of the activities of every person involved into these processes.

It consists of 3 functional modules:

  • Doctor — Patient,
  • Doctor — Hospital,
  • Chief Medical Officer — Hospital.

Clue advantages of the solution are full automation and transparency of the diagnostics and treatment for all their participants, easy integration with other external and internal medical systems, including reference books, automated reporting, scalability and Internet access.

Integrated automation system for a chain of clinics

FORS has developed an integrated solution available both for regional and private chains of clinics. The components of the solution are:

  • Integration Service Bus — interoperability layer for various hospital information systems
  • Centralized data storage for clinical data
  • Portal solution which is the workplace for doctors, patients, and administrative staff. FORS can develop additional interfaces upon request.

This system is intended on creation of an integrated platform for medical information systems with the following features:

  • Consolidated medical data warehouse based on electronic medical history records of the patients
  • Secured data processing and storing
  • Access to the centralized information through the internet portal
  • Availability of the universal mechanisms and program interfaces for integration
  • Current and non-controversial information within the framework of the whole complex
  • Consolidated warehouse for key medical information for the whole chain of clinics

Cost control and financial planning system for a private clinic

The goal of this project was to introduce the integrated system of management reporting based on data warehouse, to reduce the time and increase the quality of reports’ production, and to develop and introduce the treasury and budget management system. The solution is based on Oracle Hyperion Planning and Oracle BI.


  • Compliance with interoperability standards for medical systems
  • Transparency and manageability (strategic and operational)
  • High business efficiency, cut of costs
  • Increasing the number of clients, coherent technology of interaction and service
  • As an option in the future — possibility of obtaining JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation.

Portal for the Telemedicine Centers

Automated information system “Telemedicine Centers Portal” is an efficient and flexible tool for the planning and fixing of results of the distant consultations and training of the medical telecenters. Portal will serve as “a single meeting point” for the registered members, where they could create their own information environment and share the data. Using the Portal abilities, telecenters could manage their videoconferences schedule, get the necessary details and keep consultations records. Portal could be demanded by:

  • Federal, regional and departmental telemedicine centers;
  • Population;
  • Medical authorities.


  • Complete automation of medical treatment facilities, hospitals and clinics;
  • Automation of the single activities or specific medical services on demand;
  • Integration of the existing information systems of clinics or chain of clinics;
  • Development of the unique medical program solutions on demand of any level of complexity;
  • Professional consulting, maintenance and development of the medical systems.


  • Healthcare Department of Russian Railways
    Creation of solutions for interaction between hospitals — integration solutions, data warehouse. FORS worked in partnership with the companies AlgoM (PACS system) and CSAM Plexus (clinical portal).
  • Public sector: an agency that has its own chain of clinics
    Implementation of our own solution — “Statcard”. The system is provided to increase the level of security concerning the access to personal data and it uses a model of medical data developed by FORS.
  • Healthcare Department of the city of Moscow
    Development of the concept to create a consolidated information system for the healthcare authorities of Moscow.
  • Moscow City Hospital No. 31
    Technical support of CorTTex system.
  • Moscow City Hospital 15, Vyatka Regional Clinic
    Implementation of Vyatka medical solution.