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FORS Development Center Signed a Partnership Agreement with Foresight


FORS Development Center announces the conclusion of a partnership agreement with Foresight, a Russian software supplier. In accordance with its terms, FORS will carry out supply, installation, configuration, implementation and support for Foresight Analytics Platform, as well as advise the customers and assist them in choosing the optimal solution configuration.

Foresight Analytics Platform is an integrated set of high-performance advanced tools for the creation of industrial analytical systems using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

"The Russian market is currently marked by actively growing demand for affordable domestic full-featured analytical systems, whose functionality would be comparable with similar software developed in the West. In our opinion, that's exactly what the Foresight product is. It is a mature Russian-made BI platform that will significantly increase our capabilities as a developer of not only analytical solutions, but also budgeting and financial analysis systems, especially for working with the public sector and business entities partially owned by the government. We also consider Foresight to be a promising tool for complex projects related to data mining, modeling and Big Data-based forecasting", says Dmitry Bibichev, Director of the Department of System Integration at FORS Development Center.

"We highly appreciate FORS experience in the field of business intelligence and hope that the partnership will expand the number of implementations basing on our software products," says Leonid Kokovin, Head of Partner Program at Foresight. "Joining forces will allow us to showcase the significant potential and competitiveness of Russian developments in the global market."

The partners' joint efforts will be aimed at promoting Russian analytical software products that will help their customers to create modern systems of data reporting, analysis, modeling and forecasting.

The Foresight digital analytical platform contains a complete set of tools for creating a full-fledged analytical application. It can be used to solve most analytics-related tasks, such as data preparation and loading, routine reporting maintenance, creation of interactive panels, metadata repository maintenance, reference data subsystem configuration and many others.

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