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MPEI Moved to the Oracle Cloud Supported by FORS


FORS Development Center, an Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP), announces the successful connection of the National Research University MPEI to Oracle Cloud services. The educational institution is implementing an innovative project to use the advantages of Oracle Cloud in the learning process.

Now Applied Informatics and Business Informatics majors at the Department of Security and Information Technologies of the Institute of Engineering and Economics MPEI will be learning the skills of database design, administration and work with Oracle DBMS in the most advanced way that currently exists. The learning process has been designed for theses and termpapers to be created and edited in the Cloud, and for the professors to be able to work with the students remotely. In addition, MPEI will benefit from cooperation with an experienced Oracle Cloud MSP, which will provide a single point of entry for the transfer of workflows to the public cloud.

The training uses Oracle Database Cloud Service, including Oracle Application Express (APEX) cloud development tools. In the future, it is planned to connect to other services, such as IoT, Blockchain, BI, Data Visualization, etc. In order to systematically make efforts in this direction, the Department and FORS have created a joint project laboratory where students, professors and FORS employees will work on real projects.

«The need for highly qualified it staff is now greater than ever. And we are striving to do everything we can in this regard. Every year about a hundred students graduate from our University, and it is essential to provide all of them with the knowledge both of theory and of practical skills they may need in the future. The transition to Oracle Cloud opens up a number of new opportunities for us: better training, optimization of the educational process, remote access to the service, in fact, from anywhere in the world, professional development of the professors, personalized approach to each student. Now that we have the necessary resources, we can create student teams to solve professional tasks, launch start-ups, or manage commercial projects», says Igor Krepkov, Professor of Security and Information Technology.

The decision to move to the cloud has been made for several reasons. Among them, the need to reduce the cost of maintenance and administration of the system, need to do without DBA specialists, automatic software updating, flexible management of performance and computing resources.

National Research University MPEI is a member of the Oracle Academy educational program, which opens up additional opportunities to improve the educational process. Cloud resources can be used in courses under the auspices of Oracle Academy. In general, this will create a high-quality integrated system of training IT personnel using the latest cloud technologies.

Cloud resources are planned to be used for other units of MPEI, with the Department of Security and Information Technology remaining the "entry point" to the cloud. MPEI Institute of Remote and Extended Education is planning to take advantage of this opportunity.

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