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FORS assisted Stololo to test Oracle Autonomous Database


FORS Development Center (FORS Group), a platinum partner of Oracle Corporation with the status of Oracle Cloud MSP, has tested Oracle Autonomous Database in the Oracle cloud for Center Technology Company (better known as the Stoloto brand). To do this, two services were involved: Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud (ADW) and Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP), which significantly improve the efficiency of data warehouses.

Center Technology Company (Stoloto brand) is an asset of S8 Capital, a diversified Russian holding specializing in the creation and development of high-tech products and services. The companies of the group have been on the market for more than 25 years, successfully developing their unique industry competencies, as well as develop, implement and distribute innovative technologies in retail, financial and telecommunications sectors, e-commerce and digital media.

Stoloto uses the Oracle Universal Credits model, which provides access to all Oracle PaaS and IaaS services. To apply the methods of working with cloud DBMS, the company opted for cloud offline data storage.

The company uses Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud in order to build analytical data marts for machine processing (scoring) and other Data Science tasks. The key goal of the test was to determine the performance of the autonomous cloud data storage so as to ensure the work of the analytical CRM that is used by the customer. This requires the processing of a large amount of data covering the results of the calculation of analytical aggregates and derivatives, data mart preparation, ad-hoc queries processing for any kind of data, as well as client base segmentation. Using individual certificates and encryption keys, FORS helped to transfer the data from the usual database to the autonomous cloud one. It is important to mention that the work with the autonomous cloud base was carried out by means of a standard Oracle client, which ensured the immutability of the architecture of the existing application.

"The value of the project is our having been able to fully appreciate the possibilities of an offline cloud data storage, a new category product created by Oracle. Well-balanced capacities make it possible to manage the load flexibly and allocate the necessary resources (the best ones in terms of performance), all of which happens without our even noticing. Special attention should be given to the request priority system, which provides both prompt execution of routine or critical requests, and heavy analytics while maintaining the performance of the system at the same high level," says Fyodor Bocharov, Head of IT Directorate at Center Technology Company.

"Our testing showed that the data storage provided by Oracle Autonomous Cloud ensures the processing of a large amount of the customer's analytical data with a very moderate use of cloud resources. Thus, the processing speed of individual SQL queries increased up to 20 times, though no special optimization was carried out for them. The use of the autonomous service significantly facilitates the time-consuming processes of creating, protecting, monitoring and configuring storage, which makes it possible to scale computing resources quickly and flexibly, disabling those that are not needed at the moment," summarizes Dmitry Bibichev, Director of the Department of System Integration FORS Development Center.

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