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FORS deployed an Oracle Cloud Services Management Center


FORS Development Center (part of FORS Group), Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP) and an Oracle Platinum Partner, announces the creation of a cloud services management center to expand the supply, localization and support of Oracle Cloud services in Russia. As Oracle MSP, FORS provides customers with a ready-made business solution based on the Oracle public cloud, when the vendor services are accompanied by the partner's own ones.

The Cloud Services Management Center has been created within FORS Development Center to coordinate the implementation, support and development of cloud solutions based on the Oracle Cloud platform. It is characterized by a high degree of readiness of business processes to support new directions, the presence of its own technological environment and the required number of certified specialists, possession of technical skills and specialized tools with guaranteed quality of service.

"The FORS cloud offer allows the customers to take advantage of a ready-made, fully built legal, technological and financial infrastructure to provide and maintain Oracle cloud services. The customer has the opportunity to get turnkey access to the Oracle Cloud platform, including project architecture development, system deployment, databases and applications migration, as well as full financial and organizational support and supervising. This gives the customer a huge advantage", Alexey Golosov, FORS President, emphasized.

"FORS remains an Oracle strategic partner, helping the customers take full advantage of our technologies, including the ones related to the cloud. We are pleased to confirm their compliance with all the strict requirements that are necessary for a partner meet in order to confirm the status of Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP). As part of this program, Oracle and FORS will provide customers with even more services, creating additional values for them and helping them in the digital transformation of business thanks to using the cloud," says Orfhlaith Ni Chorcora, VP, A&C Leader for Technology and Cloud Systems, South Europe and ECEMEA.

The transfer of loads to the Oracle Cloud with simultaneous optimization of resources used and outsourcing system daily operation allows the customer to reduce IT costs several times. This frees up significant resources for other kinds of more complex tasks.

Within the MSP model, customers get access to Oracle PaaS and IaaS services, including Oracle Cloud at Customer and the Oracle Universal Credits models. The business solution offered by FORS allows the customers to take a fresh look at business transformation, following the latest market trends and taking into account regulatory requirements.

The business environment FORS Cloud helps the customers to solve with a great degree of efficiency such tasks as migration of applications to the cloud, transition to modern versions of DBMS and middleware, optimization of applications for transition to the cloud, backup, performance analysis, recommendations for performance improvement and increase of system availability, automatic monitoring of configurations and much more. All the services are based on global industrial standards, which is a guarantee of transferability to any environment. As the experience of FORS Cloud users shows, using the resources and expertise of FORS helps to reduce the time of implementation of migration projects by at least 3 times.

Among the most popular cloud services in Russia are Oracle Management Cloud, Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer, Oracle Database Cloud Service, Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle Identity Cloud Service, Oracle CASB Cloud Service, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Container Cloud Service, Oracle Ravello, etc.

In particular, Oracle Management Cloud services, including Application Performance Monitoring, Log Analytics and a number of others, allow the customers to raise IT system productivity to a new level, improving the quality of customer service at the same time. By reducing response time, the optimized IT cloud infrastructure can serve more users and handle more requests.

The technological components of FORS Cloud that ensure the management and maintenance of cloud services are located in a data center in Russia, which has been certified for compliance with Tier 3, PCI DSS 3.0, ISO 27001. In case of emergency situations or failures that threaten customer data, the resources of the backup data center will be used, and the system will be quickly deployed in the new environment. Data transmission over the network is carried out using SSL-encryption.

In terms of Oracle Cloud support, FORS offers three levels of technical support: Basic, Optimal, and Maximum, which have different sets of services and SLA parameters. In addition, the integrator has the ability and is willing to meet the customer's special needs in terms of tailoring any systems or processes.

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