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FORS Development for the Digitalization of Road Works Included in the Register of Russian Software


An experts' assesment carried out by the Special Council under the Ministry of Communications of Russia found the AIS Record software developed by FORS to be compliant with the requirements for Russian software and approved its inclusion in the Register of Russian Information Systems and Databases.

AIS Record has been included in the Register by Order of the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation of November 30, 2018 No. 665 under registration No. 4999, registration certificate No. 2018616087 of December 3, 2018. The product was classified as a Management & Monitoring System/Information Systems for Solving Industry-Specific Problems.

FORS Development Center supplies this system as a replicable product for solving all kinds of tasks for the road industry, such as planning and control of road maintenance, maintenance of the register of road facilities, budget planning, inspection of contractors' work, or reporting. Telemetry data is collected using a mobile application.

The implementation of the system ensures complete digitalization of road works, rational use of resources, which is to result in significant financial savings. An important effect of the transition to an integrated automation system is improving the safety and quality of road maintenance.

"AIS Record is a 100% Russian development with a modular architecture and based on open standards. So far, this is the only automated system tailored for this industry in the Russian market," emphasizes Sergey Chistyakov, Head of the Department of Complex Project Development at FORS Development Center. "It has proved its effectiveness in action, because since 2017 our system has been launched and operates successfully in the Moscow region. Now the rest of Russia is next in line."

Despite the fact that the system has been developed for the road industry at the regional and municipal level, it can also be used in commercial organizations engaged in road repair and maintenance. In fact, the system allows you to be flexible in solving any problems in the field of road transport industry.

The system can be deployed at the customer's premises, which would take 2 to 3 months. A cloud version of the solution is also available, hosted in a fault-tolerant data center, it will only take a few days to provide access to it.

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