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FORS has helped GS1 RUS to learn to use Oracle Cloud


Association of Automatic Identification "UNISCAN / GS1 RUS" (hereinafter referred to as GS1 RUS) has made its choice in favor of the cloud services by FORS Development Center (hereinafter referred to as FORS) on the Oracle Cloud platform. The company is expanding the use of cloud services by means of the Oracle Universal Credits model and actively developing cloud technologies that allow to achieve flexible work of information resources. FORS, as a partner of the Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider program (MSP), provides a single point of entry for migrating workflows to the public cloud.

GS1 RUS IS a non-profit organization that promotes the system of GSI voluntary international standards in Russia, for they are widely used in supply chains. GS1 standards provide commodity numbering and bar coding, support the processes of information exchange between the participants of the goods movement. Today, the scope of GS1 standards covers 25 industries, such as retail, healthcare, logistics, transport, etc. GS1 RUS is one of 111 national organizations, each of which is authorized to carry out activities to support and promote GS1 standards in its country.

Due to the expansion of the range of information services and the resulting need to improve their availability, reliability and security, GS1 RUS chose Oracle PaaS services for the development and testing of their applications in 2017. And in 2018, in order to solve the problems of operational control of the processes of operation of services and obtaining qualified technical assistance in Russian in real time, the company decided to cooperate with FORS, an Oracle MSP partner.

This choice was not accidental. For achievements in working with the Oracle cloud platform, FORS was awarded to be Oracle Service Provider of the Year in 2018 and 2017.

FORS deployed its own infrastructure environment (FORS Cloud), providing comprehensive legal, financial and technological support for Oracle cloud services. By subscribing to the FORS Cloud, the customer gets convenient, reliable and secure access to the Oracle cloud on a "turnkey" basis, including the development of the project architecture, system deployment, optimization and migration of databases and applications. Management and configuration of services takes place by means of the control panel in the personal account of the customer at

Using a hybrid model with on-premise backup, the Association received access to all the features of DBMS №1 in the world, beside the advantages of cloud environment.

GS1 RUS uses the following Oracle cloud services:

  • Oracle Database Cloud Services;
  • Oracle Java Cloud Services as part of Oracle Application Container;
  • Oracle Management Cloud is part of Oracle Infrastructure Monitoring and Oracle Application Performance Monitoring.

The MSP partner regularly consults the customer on new functionality of Oracle Cloud, technologies of the linking layer and databases. Advanced technical support "Directory GS46" 24x7 is available, comprising, in addition, the conduct of technology audit and streamlining applications in Oracle DBMS.

"We are pleased with the choice we made and the results we have obtained. With the unique Oracle Universal Credits model, we have unlimited access to all current and future PaaS and IaaS services from a global cloud provider. And cooperation with such a reliable and experienced partner as FORS Group means high availability of services, new opportunities for growth and flexible scaling at minimum cost. Our cooperation has shown that it is easy to manage services, for we only use the computing capacities that are really needed. IT systems downtime gets minimized, and most importantly, their uninterrupted operation is ensured," Alexander Leandros, technical Director of GS1 RUS, explains.

During the pre-project survey phase, which included database and Java application audits, important technical recommendations were developed to facilitate the transition to the cloud model. It took 3 weeks. Another week was needed to carry out the pre-design activities , and the migration itself took about 7 hours.

In the very near future, it is planned to expand the use of Oracle Cloud Management (OCM) services in the part of Oracle Application Performance Monitoring, which will allow us to quickly find errors in the performance of our systems and keep increasing it. It is important to mention that this also reduces downtime, as well as administration costs.

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