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FORS Training Center launched Training Programs for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies


The FORS Training Center (part of FORS Group) announces the launch of a new promising training course entitled Types of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies.

The aim of the course is to familiarize the students with the capabilities of said technologies, which go far beyond the boundaries of the financial sphere. It is difficult to overestimate the huge potential of the blockchain for the economy and society, and there are very few experts, so they are in great demand. Therefore, fors Training Center is one of the pioneers of massive training of professionals in this field.

"The courses are aimed at a wide audience: IT professionals, business representatives who would like to create their own crypto-portfolio and invest in the new technology, as well as people who are simply interested in this topic and are looking for new alternative ways of making money. We are confident that this direction of our business will actively develop as blockchain technologies penetrate into new spheres of life," says Dmitry Romanov, Director of FORS Training Center.

The aim of the course is to show how this technology works from the inside, what is its fundamental difference from traditional methods of data storage. The students will acquire useful knowledge and practical experience of the use of these technologies to play long-term to increase their capital, regardless of the current rate of cryptocurrencies.

The training is divided into four blocks, and each of them constitutes a separate course:

  • Blockchain technology. History of cryptography and encryption. Bitcoin and altcoins
  • Crypto websites, exchanges and services. Hash function. Your own blockchain in Python
  • Mining. Building and configuring farms. Choice of cryptocurrency. Mining coins
  • Trading. Support and development Candlestick and chart analysis

The students choose which parts of the crypto world would be the most interesteing for them to study. The most curious ones can sign up for the whole block of courses that cover such areas as mining, trading, crypto technologies, programming and more. Experienced teachers will show you how to search and choose the right cryptocurrency for investment, as well as to understand the technical components of the process. Mining, assembly and disassembly of farms, search for programs and algorithms will be studied practically with the best experts in their field. The practical part of the training is conducted on special equipment consisting of several mining farms with components from different manufacturers, such as Nvidia, Intel, AMD, etc.

More than 100 people have already been trained, more than 50 courses have been completed, which confirms the high demand for knowledge in this area. Any forms of training are possible: full-time, remote and mixed. The teachers are ready to travel to other cities if there is a group of interested students. A specialized course can also be developed based on the specific wishes and level of knowledge of B2B customers.

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