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FORS and Oracle share their "cloud" mood


"«Cloud» Mood in the World of Oracle" was the name of the seminar for customers hosted by FORS jointly with the vendor on April 20, 2017.

Its main goals were to present the technological cloud innovations from Oracle, to talk about the opportunities for customers' experts, and to discuss approaches and tools to implement cloud solutions.

The program of the seminar was opened by the presentation by Andrey Pachikin from Oracle entitled "Oracle IaaS: New Opportunities". The expert gave a brief overview of the Oracle cloud platform, which includes the entire set of services: SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. He explained which obstacles can interfere with the use of the public cloud, and what to do if it is not suitable for the customer. The best choice compared to a private cloud are the cloud-based services from Oracle Cloud Machine, which can be delivered in a variety of configurations. It offers a cloud model for databases, applications and analytical tasks.

Mikhail Kirpichyov, a leading engineer of FORS Technical Support Center, delivered a presentation "Oracle Sharding: Scale to Save Money. Distributed Partitioning of Relational Tables in the Cloud." He covered such technical issues as linear horizontal scaling, installation in DataGuard configuration, application operation, licensing, maintenance and diagnostics.

Alexander Kucherenko, a leading engineer of the FORS Technical Support Center, introduced the listeners to the World of SQL Universe Hadoop and Oracle Big Data SQL as one of the galaxies. He spoke about the peculiarities of the language used for analyzing big data, about the technological advantages of the Oracle Big Data Appliance software and hardware to deploy the solution for integrated management of big enterprise-level data.

More than 40 representatives of customers of the FORS technical SupportCenter attended the event: managers of DBMS departments, development, engineers and programmers.

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