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Customers learned about Oracle Cloud business capacities


FORS and Oracle held a joint seminar "Oracle Cloud: Unique Business Opportunities", which took place on November 23 in Moscow. The event was attended by more than 40 guests.

The agenda included three presentations:

  • "Innovative features of Oracle Cloud" by Dmitry Yudin, Business Development Director, ECE & CIS Oracle;
  • "FORS Professional Services in the Oracle Cloud" by Andrey Tambovsky, FORS Technical Director;
  • "Technological Processes of Providing Oracle Cloud Services" by Alexander Lyubushkin, Head of Cloud Technologies Group, FORS;

and also a Q&A session on the topics of interest to the listeners.

Recall that FORS was one of the first companies to receive the Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP) status, providing customers with a single point of entry for Oracle Cloud services and management. The services include Oracle DB (PaaS), Oracle VM (IAAS), Oracle Storage (IaaS), and a number of additional services.

The company's expertise is confirmed by over 30 Oracle specializations. The projects are carried out by Oracle Certified Master and Oracle Certified Professional level specialists. Today, FORS offers customers its own technology environment for deploying Oracle Cloud MSP with Personal Account, Billing, CRM and Service Desk functions.

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