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FORS customers took 5 steps to the Cloud


FORS and Oracle held a joint seminar "5 Steps to the Cloud", which took place on February 27 at the Scenario café. The participants discussed the capabilities of the Oracle Cloud platform to improve business performance in various industries.

The event was opened by Alexey Zakharov, the Head of Oracle Digital Comsulting Group, and his speech was entitled "Oracle Cloud: the most comprehensive integrated cloud in the industry."

The topic was continued by Anatoly Slobozhanov, Head of the Cloud Services at FORS, with the report "5 Steps to the cloud: Services and Technologies". The listeners learned how to sign up for cloud services, foe example, to register a service request through the specialized portal All the components of the process environment that provide cloud services and the Oracle Cloud MSP Service management principles were described in detail.

Ivan Dikanev, a technical expert at FORS, told why the Oracle Management Cloud is the dream of an IT professional. The expert has shared FORS's experience in this area, focusing on the variety of services the company offers to work in the cloud. Questions were answered about how the application is analyzed and how the cloud infrastructure is configured, as well as what the client and the MSP partner's interaction scenario should be like.

The event hosted more than 30 people, specializing in the field of database administration, system administrators, IT directors, Information system architects, university professors and others.

The seminar was concluded by a friendly buffet.

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