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A Serbian children's football training camp purchased subscription to SmartSport


The number of the SmartSport cloud version subscribers is growing. Recently, a Serbian children's football training camp has acquired an annual subscription to 3 modules of the system: "Basic", "Selection" and "Medicine".

Recall that SmartSport is a modern fully functional system for complex automation of sports clubs. The cloud version of the solution has "lite" functionality and is more accessible. Server capacities are provided from FORS's own private cloud and are located in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The winter and summer football training camps are located in the Serbian city of Jagodina, where the kids not only train under the supervision of experienced coaches, but also get a full range of recreational resources. The high efficiency of the camps is achieved by the full immersion of the young players in this sport, both in theory and in practice.

For the Serbian camp, it will be the first experience of IT application in its work. The customer is confident that the system will help to improve the training process, to reach a fundamentally different level of training future players, and above all, to develop their individual qualities and abilities.

With the help of the system, it is supposed to solve such basic tasks as:

  • Minimizing the risk of injury thanks to monitoring the health and physical condition of the athletes;
  • Using an individual approach to each and every athlete of any age;
  • Increase the potential transfer value of the pupils due to a substantially new approach to the process of their training.

The Basic module allows you to manage teams, competitions, and reports: maintaining a roster of the teams and competitions, generating reports, scheduling matches and trainings, publishing announcements for the staff, managing user roles, keeping directories and a contact database.

The Selection module helps to select prospective players, formalizing the work on finding the best athletes. For this purpose, a register of players and of competitions they take part in are kept.

The medicine module allows you to systematize the players' medical data to make better informed decisions during the training process. It contains tools for working with two objects: the medical log and the medical history of the player.

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