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Speech Pathology and Neurorehabilitation Centre is on the Digital Transformation Way


iFORS company, which is a part of FORS Group, has announced it completed next stage of the project on modernization of the medical information system (MIS) based on V. Tavrovsky methodology at the publicly funded institution «Speech Pathology and Neurorehabilitation Centre of the Moscow Healthcare Department» (CPRIN).

CPRIN provides full program of neurorehabilitation, medical-psychological, medical- pedagogical and social medical treatment of recover from the higher mental functions and speech disorder, including somatic and neurological disorder, of children, teenagers and adults. Bed space of the clinic constitutes 355 beds at the in-patient facility and 200 beds at the day patient facility.

Starting from 1998, customer has used its local developed MIS, which revealed certain functional limits concerning the software support of the medical-diagnostic process, covering just a few workshops. With time, lack of functionality turned to be critical — especially for the clinic management, who needed efficient analytical tools for the medical-diagnostic process control. It was decided to start modernization of the system to meet today business requirements.

Main goal of the project was to deploy enhanced full-featured automated system for the clinic management; to provide Doctor in Charge, Chief of Department and Hospital Chief Executive with the complete, true and actual information; to improve quality of the medical services.

CPRIN Hospital Chief Executive Roman Cheremin remarks: «Due to the optimization of the system we were enabled to boost quality of the services dramatically, that means reducing of the doctor’s mistakes, shorter time needed for the routine operations, automatical accounting and case management, bookkeeping, reporting, generating of releases and treatments. Hopefully, this will see and evaluate our patients, to whom personalized attention grew up even more».

Basic software was switched to the open source DBMS PostgreSQL. New automated workshops changed the entire landscape of the clinic, covering most of the processes: «Waiting room», «Administrator», «Hospital-based Physician Workshop», «Registration Office», «Outpatient Hospital Physician Workshop». It was also developed and implemented new module «Analysis of the Rehospitalizations». Functionality of the module «Electronic Patient History» was substantially extended. The previous version of the system provided ability to registry just the limited amount of attributes, featuring personality and health condition of the patient. Updated version enables to keep patient’s history full-scale, calculating analytical rates on each phase of the medical-diagnostic process.

Daria Golosova, iFORS First Deputy General Director, explains: «A principally new and key feature were algorithms of the intellectual support of the doctor while working with the patients’ history: certain procedures for the diagnosis specification and decrease of risks, medical disposal templates for various diagnosis, notification in case of risks appearance or drifting from the planned terms. All those elements of the intellectual support help doctor to conclude complete and proof solution in respect of the planned therapy and its in-time realization».

It should be noted that MIS based on V. Tavrovsky methodology meets all the requirements of the Russian laws and is included into the Unified Register of the Russian Software Applications and Data Bases.

This MIS is implemented at the psychoneurological asylum №33, psychiatric clinical hospital №4 by P. Gannyshkin and others. During those projects, comprehensive automation affected all levels of the medical facilities — from the in-patient clinic to the out-patient. Average period of implementation is equal to 3-4 months depending on the amount and complexity of the assigned tasks.

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