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Telemonitoring Services were Launched at the European Medical Center


iFORS company (FORS Group) has announced a completion of the pilot project on deployment and start of the commercial use of the RemsMed Telemonitoring System at the European Medical Center (EMC) in Moscow. This has made clinic a pioneer of the telemonitoring medical services in Russia, which enable distant communication with patients for operative control of their well-being and preventing of the potentially harmful situations.

For iFORS it is not the first project of this kind. The same solution was implemented at the First Moscow State Medical University by Sechenov.

Local market players are awaiting of the adopting of state telemonitoring regulations law, which should happen this spring. Such act will settle the rules for telemedicine technologies application and legalize this kind of medical practice.

EMC is one of the leading multidisciplinary clinics in Moscow, serving more than 250 000 patients a year. EMC provides all types of outpatient, inpatient and emergency care according to the highest international standards. Over the last 27 years it was provided patient care and service that meet the best international standards with more than 600 high-qualified doctors from Russia, France, USA, Israel, Germany and Japan.

«RemsMed platform is a proprietary iFORS software product, which has been developed specifically for distant communication of doctors and patients. It enables to monitor health-being of the patients in real time and respond immediately in case of dramatic changes in health indicators, which are measured by the medical devices integrated with the system, — remarks Daria Golosova, the First Deputy CEO and Commercial Director of iFors.

For automatic measuring and transmission of such indicators there could be used wide range of different devices — starting from simple fitness gadgets to the high-end professional medical devices produced in Russia and abroad.

At the moment, system is operated by the overall profile — at the medical division. Further on, depending on the specifics of the disease, patient could be transferred for monitoring and care to the cardiology or endocrinology divisions. Data on well-being of the patient is delivered straight to the attending doctor, who makes a decision how to act — to call urgently for a visit, to keep the same or to change the allocated therapy. Amongst active users of the system — patients on preventive medical examination, regular patients of the clinic and doctors.

The main goal of the project was to open window of opportunities in providing of the advanced high quality medical services, settling completely new, confidential type of communication between doctor and patient. Business effect is quite important too, since the Telemonitoring System enables to decrease personnel operational load and at the same time — to increase the number of patients, who most likely would prefer to stay on observation at the same clinic afterwards, upon the recover.

Pilot project with the further testing of the system has lasted for 4 months. Meeting the customer’s needs, the functionality of the system has been significantly extended. From January, 2017, system was launched into the commercial operation in its cloud version. Software itself is installed at iFORS servers base located on the territory of the Russian Federation.

In the plans — to integrate the Telemonitoring System RemsMed with the local medical information system operated in ЕМС, this would provide automatic data transfer and processing. The next step would be integration of the RemsMed mobile application with the personal user account.

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