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MTS has Acknowledged FORS as the Best IT-Provider of the Year 2015


By the results of the year, Mobile TeleSystems has acknowledged FORS as a winner of the Local IT-Providers Awards at the category «For the successful implementation of the projects and loyalty to the customer».

It should be noted that FORS provides to MTS services on maintenance and technological support for a long time, and getting such an award is a great honor for the company, proving high professionalism оf its specialists and trust of the customer.

Especially high it was appreciated FORS contribution to the preparation and fulfillment of the project on migration of the database servers FORIS OSS from the platform SPARC/Solaris to Intel x86/Linux.

«With pleasure we admit the highest qualification of the FORS specialists, who showed their creativity and devotion, along with the competent and responsible approach to the fulfillment of the tasks set by the project. FORS team has performed deep investigation and analysis of the abilities of the different technical solutions, what provided the desirable result», — remarks Alexey Ryabov, MTS Project Manager.

«This project was uneasy due to its scalability and specific unordinary tasks. Experience in cross-platforming migration and vast product expertise helped us to find the true solution and to apply it efficiently. In the result of the command work, we achieved the main goal — providing to the customer a low-cost though highly effective platform with the good margin of productivity and reliability and with TCO index going down», — explains Oleg Bessonov, Head of the FORS Technical Support Center.

The main challenge was to perform a migration of the huge database amount under the strict conditions of the limited stand-by time that demand IT-systems, crucial for the business. FORS team has developed appropriate methodology based on its own approach, conducted detailed testing and optimization on each migration step. Team members of all levels always responded on requests on fly, providing accurate recommendations and settling problems of any kind.

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