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Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation: improved abilities of the Automatic Analytical System


FORS announced the completion of the second stage of the project on development and maintenance of the Analytical System for Migration Registration at the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation (FMS).

Launched at July 2010, this project became one of the most massive implementations, fulfilled on the base of Oracle Business Intelligence for the government bodies of the Russian Federation from the point of view of the amount of the processed data, incoming from the separated sources.

FMS of Russia is the Federal institute of the executive branch of the government, which implements the state policy in the field of migration and executes law-enforcement functions along with monitoring, supervision and providing of the state services for migration. For making these activities more effective and productive, it is required to analyze large amounts of the diversified compound information, what can not be provided by the standard office IT-package. It should be applied a specialized Business Intelligence software with strong abilities for analytical and statistical reports, which are generated on the base of the huge consolidated data incoming from the different sources of information.

Automatic Analytical System of the customer was developed at the first stage of the project by another integrator and included already a whole number of the completed functional components: single data warehouse; a tool-set for Reports generation and publishing at the corporate Portal. At the second stage the task was to develop significantly the functionality of the system through its integration with the additional informational resources. FORS analyzed them, developed interfaces for their interaction, projected data structures and algorithms for the historical (retrospective) data loading and provided customized BI-solution for restricted Reports generation.

At the second stage of the project there had been achieved the following results:

  • Large amounts of the heterogeneous data, stored at the separate systems, were consolidated;
  • Statistical and Analytical Reports are generated now automatically on the base of the current and retrospective data;
  • FMS employees got a comprehensive, user-friendly and flexible tool for Report making;
  • Time of waiting for requests execution and reporting was reduced dramatically;
  • 50 people more from the different local FMS Departments were trained and got access to the system.

«We gained a really high-effective and reliable software tool enabling multi-layer data analysis on the migration situation. Manual routine operations are minimized. Now our efforts are focused on the preparation of the recommendations and due measures in the field of the migration policy so that their results could affect positively the whole socio-economic life of our society», — remarks Head of the FMS IT-Department Andrey Romankov.

«We faced a challenge to develop and implement an optimized BI-solution, enabling processing of the huge data array, incoming from the diversified sources of information within the periods, strictly fixed by the customer. Apart from that, another important trait of the project consists in the creation of the sole tool for checking the quality of the incoming data, providing its completeness, authenticity and actualization», — adds Eugeny Kurilovich, Head of the FORS Analytical Technologies Projects Department.

The solution is based on Oracle Database Server Enterprise Edition. Analytical platform is built on Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus. Web-portal developed on BI Interactive Dashboard.

It is planned to start the third period of the project in 2011, which will include replicating of the solution on the local level, extension of the structural data set and geo-model appliance. BI-abilities would be increased even more due to the Oracle Data Mining functionality. In the future, while inter-institutional interaction and integrity will be growing, the FMS Analytical System becomes a part of the sole State Information System.

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