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FORS obtained specialization on Oracle Exadata Database Machine


FORS was one of the first Oracle Partners in Russia and CIS who obtained specialization on Oracle Exadata Database Machine — a brand new advanced powerful infrastructure solution. Such a status serves as an official proof of the high level of the company’s qualification, availability of the pool of specialists and full set of competences required for activities with Oracle Exadata.

It should be noted that FORS has already got 5 other specializations — on Oracle Database, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Database Performance Tuning, Oracle Enterprise Linux and Data Warehousing. That was a strict condition necessary for getting specialization on Oracle Exadata Database Machine. At the moment there are more than 20 fully trained certified specialists employed at the company. All together they hold more than 50 Certificates on Exadata and other related occupations, 8 people from them are certified exactly on Exadata.

In April FORS established Exadata Testing Center called ExaStack Studio, where partners and customers can try the Machine, test their Applications and Databases and get the real experience on its operation. The following services are provided there:

  • Creation of the testing scenario;
  • Data migration for testing;
  • Selection of the testing environment;
  • Operating testing with the follow up analysis;
  • Recommendations on modification of the Applications Databases for achieving perfect results after their installation on Oracle Exadata;
  • Migration of Applications Databases on Oracle Exadata;
  • Scaling, consulting and maintenance.

FORS Training Center is authorized on conducting Oracle Exadata Database Machine training courses with practical work at the real Databases and real Applications. The courses are aimed on providing deep knowledge on tuning, testing, administration, configuration and operating of Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

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