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Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud available for testing in Russia


At FORS ExaStack Studio clients and partners can test outstanding joint performance of Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic in practice

FORS and Oracle Representative Office in Moscow announce that Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud has been installed and is available for testing at FORS ExaStack Studio. A complete integrated high-capacity software and hardware complex Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is optimized and ready to work with Oracle Exadata previously deployed there. Now the companies willing to increase the productivity of their computing systems, can test their databases and applications on this equipment.

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud new generation hardware and software machine is a set of components optimally balanced to work together: pre-set high-capacity computing modules, high-speed Infiniband network bus and disc data storage subsystems. Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is a high-capacity hardware platform for the whole family of Oracle Fusion Middleware products, all Oracle Business Applications and industry-specific solutions, corporate private clouds as well as Applications created by independent developers.

The advantages of Oracle Exalogic machine are ever more pronounced when addressing high-complexity tasks, i.e. creating new generation data processing centers and services based on SaaS, deployment of front-office and portal solutions with a high frequency of requests, consolidation of Applications for migration on a SOA/BPM platform as well as ensuring radical increase in the speed of processing transactions. Furthermore, Oracle Exalogic is an optimum platform for powerful billing solutions, ERP and CRM systems and other Oracle Business Applications.

Nikolay Zezulinsky, Business Development Director of FORS, says: “The inclusion of Exalogic Elastic Cloud into our product portfolio is a logical continuation of everything we did before. Exadata & Exalogic working together form a real ExaStack, which is a breakthrough for the Russian market. For our clients it means new business opportunities, decreasing the number of routine procedures for selecting system components and determining optimally balanced configurations, set-up and expensive integration of hardware and software components. We are certain that technological advantages of the solution combined with FORS’ experience and expertise in Oracle products will broaden the horizons for the growth of business, both ours and that of our partners and clients”.

FORS ExaStack Studio offers a complete solution for radical increase of productivity for both Data bases and Applications — Exastack, which combines Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic working together. Maximum effect is achieved precisely due to this synergy: Data base processing speed increases by tenfold or more, Application Server request processing time is also dramatically reduced. Overall user request processing speed thus achieved allows business to move at the completely new level.

The opening of FORS ExaStack Studio with an operating Oracle Exadata Database Machine enabled us to gain expertise in optimized hardware and software solutions. Over a dozen various Application systems have been tested, IT experts from development companies and system integrators have undergone Oracle Exadata administration training sessions. Now all this positive experience will be broadened and used to provide professional assistance to the partners and customers interested in acquiring and installing Oracle Exalogic.

The optimized hardware and software complex Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is a natural result of the corporation’s strategy for platform development. It combines a full scope of software and hardware solutions, uses open standards and mutual concordance between all components which results in easy use and maximum effectiveness”, — says Dmitry Shepelyavyi, Head of the Department for working with commercial organizations of Oracle CIS, — “We fully support FORS’ initiative. The advantage of Exadata and Exalogic is not simply the sum of benefits from choosing certain hardware and software. The quintessence of these complexes is that they are closely integrated. And ExaStack Studio gives to the partners and clients an opportunity to see this in practice in Russia”.

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