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FORS Represents Oracle Exalytics at Oracle Day


FORS-Development Center, a Platinum partner in Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) today announced it will represent Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine X2–4 at Oracle Day in Moscow. To see this brand new integrated and optimized hardware-software system for extreme analytics operating alive would be possible at FORS exhibition stand.

Hence FORS ExaStack Studio is filled up with one more innovative Oracle product, making it more complete and creating new abilities for the partners and customers. At the moment apart from Exalytics at FORS ExaStack Studio there are represented and available for testing the following Oracle Engineered Systems: Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Oracle Database Appliance. That is the most complete set of Exa-products in Russia. Certified FORS specialists are ready to provide the wide range of services to the customers and partners from migration to optimization and installation of their applications to ensure the highest processing, redundancy and scalability rates.

Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine X2–4 is the industry’s first in-memory BI machine that delivers the fastest performance for business intelligence and planning applications. This best– in-class enterprise BI platform delivers access to all Oracle and non-Oracle enterprise data sources with no limits on the amount of users, data or applications. That is the fastest solution for business intelligence, modeling, forecasting, and planning applications with the advanced data visualization and exploration to quickly provide actionable insight from large amounts of data.

All analytical applications, developed on the base of Oracle BI, could be performed on Oracle Exalytics without any modifications or adjusting. Oracle Exalytics is easy to deploy, run, administrate and manage; it could be seamlessly integrated with any IT-infrastructure and used alone or together with Oracle Exadata & Oracle Exalogic what accumulate the final effect many times.

FORS partners and customers now could benefit from testing the modern data processing center based on Oracle Engineered Systems with the extended BI functionality. ISVs could try their applications on compatibility with Exa-products and perform due tests.

For the partners and customers such testing at ExaStack could be useful not only from the point of view of advantages they could get from the migration to Oracle Engineered Systems, but also for the concept of the cloud computing they could apply to develop their own solutions.

Certified FORS specialists are ready to provide full set of services for migration and optimization of the ISVs applications. The specific procedures and methods of testing they have, deep expertise on the subject will guarantee the highest productivity of the systems and the best results on the big data processing and analysis on-line.

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