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FORS has presented SmartSport at the Amsterdam 2012 Event


FORS has presented his new information system SmartSport for coaches, team managers, scouts and other sports professionals in one of the largest sports international exhibitions — Amsterdam 2012 Event in the Netherlands. The event was held in the RAI Convention Centre, 12-13th December. The organizer of the event is Sports Development Marketing.

Amsterdam 2012 is considered to be a well-organized event providing an opportunity to meet people from different countries working in the same field of interest. The exhibition and 6 conferences on various subjects were held in the same place at the same time where sports officials, sponsors, sports federations and clubs representatives from 67 countries as well as business representatives could catch up and cross their ways at one meeting point . The event let the participants share the knowledge on different football technologies.

As an exhibitor Football Development Expo, FORS has presented SmartSport — an information system for coaches, team managers, scouts and other sports professionals helping them select, monitor and train athletes. It collects a variety of specialized data on player performance, sorts and analyzes relevant information and provides a range of other services for efficient player and team management. The solution is designed and used by professional football coaches from Holland. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the world premiere of this product happened in Amsterdam.

The system can be used by any sport club, team or organization, regardless of sport, country or language. It can be easily customized to meet specific requirements and deployed quickly. A mobile version is also available. Additionally, the system offers a unique feature: it allows the client to use his proprietary system of player evaluation within SmartSport in order to achieve best results.

Negotiations are currently underway on implementation of the system at some European and national football clubs.

The next time the opportunity to gather together for all of those who stand "behind the scenes" of the big sports and determines its future, will be in November 2013 in Manchester, England.

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