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Big Data: FORS starts new activities


Olga Gorchinskaya

FORS has declared about its new kind of activities focused on processing, analysis and storage of the huge amounts of information, which is called Big Data. Unlike traditional tools, Big Data is based on principally new approach and technologies, which enable to extract information from the large quantity of unstructured data out of various sources: web sites, social nets and corporate systems.

Big Data is one of the most perspective and rapidly developing segments of the world IT-market. As IDC points out, Big Data segment is up to grow 7 times faster than IT-market in general, and to 2015 it could make up $16.9 bln. with CAGR equal 39.4%. Analytics assume that after 2012 Big Data will grow by 50% annually up to $7 bln. With better expectations, 75% of companies with the number of employees over 500 plan to invest in business-analysis software solutions in the nearest 12 months. Though there are only a few completed projects of this kind in Russia, the start was set up.

As a high-tech company, FORS is determined to turn the Big data problem from the theoretical discussions to the practical field.

Providing technologies and solutions approved worldwide and best in its class, FORS offers advanced methods, practices and approaches of its implementation. Main efforts in Big Data activities would be focused on specific solutions for various industries, government, banks and utilities.

Those activities will include:

  • Big Data Expertise Development;

  • Research Projects based on Oracle hardware-software platforms;
  • Promotion of technologies and research results for solving practical tasks;
  • Preparation of the demo-stand with the samples of the relevant industrial systems;
  • In-house and out-of-door trainings aiming on spreading the ideas, methods and approaches of Big Data advanced technologies.

Among the approved technologies it should be mentioned Oracle Data Mining and Oracle R Enterprise for deep data analysis, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery for intuitive analysis with advanced search on terms of dissimilar criteria, Hadoop and MapReduce systems for distributed storage and data processing, NoSQL system for effective storage of the big amount of non-standard data.

The special class of solution is an integrated hardware-software complex with innovative in-memory technologies. FORS runs its own demo-center — ExaStack Studio, where is presented almost the complete stack of Exa- solutions from Oracle, including Exalytics In-Memory Machine, Exalogic, Exadata & Database Appliance.

The new Big Data Department is head up by Olga Gorchinskaya who lately changed Oracle CIS for FORS Company. She graduated from Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics in 1976 with Applied Mathematics as majors. Olga worked at Oracle in Moscow on data storages, analytical technologies and business analysis systems for 15 years. In particular, she was one of the pioneers of FORS, in 1993 she came to the newly founded company that was the one who discovered Oracle technologies for Russia. Later Olga continued her carrier in Oracle, and now on a new loop she returned to FORS again. Due to her unique experience, knowledge and expertise, FORS is empowered to announce its most ambitious plans for Big Data.

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