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Digital Campus Card System has been launched at the North-East Federal University of Russia


The pilot project of the Digital Campus System based on card technologies was launched at the North-East Federal University of Russia, Sakha Republic (Yakutia). It results from 6 months joint effort of FORS (FORS-Card Technologies Subdivision), ISG and Almazergiernbank. The number of cards involved total 2300 and cards will be issued to be students, teachers and others employees of the University. Card issue is currently in progress.

To-day, the North-East Federal University is ranked among the biggest in Russia, having a body of nearly 21 thousand students. It comprises 11 educational institutions, 8 faculties, 3 branches, 6 research institutes and other units.

Campus card solutions for Higher Education institutions of similar size have already been effectively in use worldwide, thus minimizing cash circulation in the campus community. In Russia such projects are still scarce. This is why this innovative experience is extremely vital — once implemented successfully Campus card solutions could be replicated in other Universities throughout the country. Sakha project is a positive example of how IT could effect the learning process and life as a whole. One-card Campus Card System improves the quality of student and staff life, their learning and leisure. The card is not only a combination of a Campus ID card and city transport ticket — it can also be used as electronic payment instrument both in Russia and abroad, ensuring connection with up-to-date VISA International financial application. In fact, the card introduces cashless Campus: all the payments, like: cell phone, Internet, satellite TV services, bills for utilities etc. can be made at the local bank terminal. At the same time sandwiches, snacks, hot drinks, stationary vending machines and others will be deployed on campus and will all accept the cards.

Within the frameworks of the Project Campus system Information Portal based on Oracle WebLogic was set up by FORS specialists. The Portal provides card-holders with exhaustive information on the available resources. The site consists of a public part containing general information and of a private part for card-holders only where they can have access to various university resources, like attendance statistics, voting results, etc.

The backbone of North-East Federal University Campus System makes multi-platform solution. The major part of it contains dedicated software developed by FORS. It enables to place various University business process automation data on the card’s chip avoiding card re-emission. This refers, for example, to library cards, military registration procedures and others.

Electronic cards will improve information awareness of the learning process effectiveness and status, reduce the time required for relevant data acquisition and significantly cut operating costs, thus enabling university administration to upgrade management standards.

In the short term there are plans to further diversify Campus system functionality and to ensure its integration with the Universal Electronic Card System of Yakutia.

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