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FORS Group Increases Revenue by 21 Percent


FORS Group has announced that the company’s revenue for 2012 has increased by almost 21% over 2011, totaling 5,840,638 rubles ($186,053). Last year the company saw revenue of 4,842,652 rubles ($154,262).

IT services (integration, consulting, technical support) accounted for 39 percent of the company’s of the revenue, while software distribution accounted for 38 percent. The share of FORS software development business was set at 17 percent of overall revenue with hardware distribution accounting for 6 percent.

FORS delivers both classic Oracle equipment and the brand optimized infrastructure Oracle Engineered Systems solutions, which are represented and available for testing at FORS ExaStack Studio — one of the few places in Europe where clients and partners are able to test their applications and databases on Exa products. FORS clients also benefit from the full range of services provided there — from application testing to auditing, database migration, system design and configuration for the best results in performance, reliability and scalability. The system is be configured to client requirements.

FORS has also announced the launch of the development of Big Data consultation, which is a key priority for the company. The company plans to continue developing research projects, applying the results to client’s practical needs. The first projects have already been started, and at the moment are being tested on the specialized software/hardware solutions such as Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine.

Industries served include a significant share of oil & gas, the public sector, banks and telecom. Among the newest and the most challenging industry activities include automation for the medical and sports organizations.

We see huge potential for growth in the field of healthcare, especially in personal telemedicine, integrated modules for medical information systems, and both specialized and standardized solutions for the automation of certain areas of healthcare enterprise activities. Intensive cooperation with the largest networks of clinics and hospitals, that we began last year, will continue,” said Alexey Golosov, President of FORS.

FORS was one of the first companies on the Russian IT market to develop a specialized solution for the management of football clubs (SmartSport), which is now in use by the leading Russian football academy.

FORS also implemented a number of projects for the Moscow Municipal Service and Facilities department, including automation of the planning and management of street-cleaning activities, snow removal, road repair and park maintenance. The creation of the Roads of Moscow portal is especially significant for the local community.

Russia’s outlying regions are also locations for FORS activities as well — some of which have created their own regional e-government segments based on a specialized FORS solution. In Khabarovsk, all ministries and departments currently use only the FORS integrated IT system, and municipal bodies have begun connection to the system. Similar projects have been carried out in Arkhangelsk and Karelia.

FORS currently employs 372 people, which represents a 16 percent increase on last year’s employee numbers.

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