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Agreements Docflow System has been Implemented at the Gorky Park


FORS Group has announced the completion of the development and implementation of the Agreements Docflow Automation system named «Corporate Information Portal» at the Moscow Gorky Park. That is a comprehensive flexible system deployed on a base of the FORS proprietory portal solution for the efficient management of the internal and external organization processes.

Gorky Park is one of the favorite places of leisure and recreation in the city; it has become not only a pioneer in the implementation of the world class standards in the sphere of entertainment, but also evidenced how information technologies could serve to the benefit of the socially oriented organization.

Gorky Park is a place truly most loving by Muscovites with attendance of more then 50 000 people at the working days, 120 000 at the week-ends and more then 200 000 at public holidays. Starting from 2011, Park follows highest quality standards; it has become #1 entertainment place in Russia, where people come for leisure, sports, dancing and playing at the fresh air. Free entrance, Wi-fi, modern design, great choice of activities and events, personal attention to the people — that all made the Gorky Park so attractive both for the young and aged.

Such a rapid development of the Park required the appropriate technological instruments for the business processes management. Standard office programs could not provide any more efficient docflow processing, vast business contacts and on-line cooperation of the employees. On the results of the open competition FORS was chosen as a contractor, who performed the pre-project expertise, produced the technical task and other documentation, and finally developed and implemented the system.

«We were faced the task of the creation of the corporate Portal, which could provide the sole information environment for the joint work of all our employees dealing with the different kinds of information, coming and existing in a consolidated knowledge data base on Agreements, contractors, documents and their transferring, — says Alexey Lizunov, CIO of the Gorky Park. — That was successfully done by FORS specialists. In the result we’ve got not just an IT-system for Agreements management, but also an electronic docflow, analytical instrument for reporting and a platform for internal co-working.

Portal features the combination of the finance & economic block with the HR & administrative one, which enables co-work with the documents, generation and publication of the news, and message exchange too.

The system consists from two main modules. The first is the internal corporate Portal with sub-systems of electronic docflow, staff interoperability and system management. The second is the contract module, including subsystems of the Agreements management and reports producing. 40 people were trained to work with the system.

Launch of the Corporate Information Portal enabled huge cut of costs on the docflow, the amount of the paper documents was minimized, while duplication was totally avoided. The abilities for the operative analysis and reporting made the system complete.

The project was fulfilled less in a year. At the moment FORS continues to support and maintain the system developing additional functionality and creating new subsystems. The amount of automated business processes constantly grows; abilities for analytics are extended too. In the future it is planned to plug in the equipment (cashiers machines and rent services) and to integrate Portal with the Park web-site for the better direct communication with the external audience — guests, partners and authorities.

It is important to note that this replicated FORS solution for the Agreements Management could be in a high demand by the different companies and organizations regardless to their size or industry. Though the state enterprises of the federal, regional or municipal levels would benefit the most, cause just for them there were employed functions on the preparation of the state order placement, direct contracts limits control, planning and accounting of the subsidies at contract concluding process and many other specific functions.

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